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July 2016 Reading List

July 2016 Reading List

This month—for me—is all about discovering my passion. And then, manning up to take action towards living a life achieving and fulfilling that passion. Easy enough, right?

But, the problem is…

I don’t know what my passion is! My true passion. What drives me.

I listened to an interview (below) a little over a month ago between Elizabeth Gilbert (famous for Eat, Pray, Love) and Lewis Howes of The School of Greatness. This interview changed my life! Seriously. In regards to “having a passion”. That, and this is the interview I fell in love with Elizabeth Gilbert.

(P.S. if you have over an hour to spare, I HIGHLY advise watching this video.)

You see… what we tend to hear from the “experts” ALL the time is to “just follow your passion” or “do what you love” and then everything will unfold from there. But, what happens when you don’t actually know what that passion or love is?!

So, what did Liz Gilbert teach me?

That not everyone has a passion. Or— at least—not everyone knows what their passion is. And, that’s me! I have tons of talent, a gazillion ideas, and there are lots of things I do well, but I truly don’t know what that one thing is that drives me. ?

There are lots of little inspirational and thought-provoking nuggets in this interview, but the biggest takeaway I learned is to…

Follow your curiosity and that will lead you to your passion and to your purpose.

In this interview, she states that she was giving a speech once, and she had someone comment disturbingly that they didn’t even have a passion. How could this person follow what she preached if she didn’t even know what that one “thing” was?! Then, Liz had a lightbulb moment, to the thought of, “well, what if not everyone knows what their passion is?”

This was also a lightbulb moment for me.

Liz continued on this journey of figuring out how to define “passion” for those who, in fact, had no idea what their passion was, and she came to an enlightened conclusion. One that I took to heart.

She realized that any thought or curiosity or inspiration that awakens your senses, makes the hair stick up on the back of your neck or jolts your creativity, is in fact your passion.

She continues with the thought that you should follow your curiosity to the extent of seeing the thought to completion or realization.

If something inspires you or gives you any moment of curiosity, when you realize that it is something you are interested in….THAT is your passion. That is your moment of clarity. That is your inspiration. That is the thing you should focus on, until it has exhausted its possibility of either being or not being your passion or your purpose.

Big MagicBut, the important concept to note, is that it became your curiosity for a reason. For some reason (only known to you), you became interested in this idea, thought, expression, or possibility. Until you see it through, you won’t know if it actually was a quick thought on the radar, or your creativity pulling at you to discover more.

All that being said… the interview above is what led me to her most recent book, Big Magic. This book is all about diving into your curiosity and discovering your creativity, then turning that creativity into something magical. Something bigger than you. Something of your passion and your purpose.

That is why I chose this book.

Book #2

The next book on my July reading list will help me turn my newfound creativity into an actionable, workable, kick-ass plan!

I stumbled upon this book on Amazon, and it truly spoke to me.

Whether you know your passion or not, we all (or most of us) have a fear of actually pursuing our dreams. We think “we’re not good enough” or “we don’t know enough” or “my idea isn’t that great” or ________ (the list goes on).

BUT, if we actually got out of our own way and pursued the things we’re good at or the things we want to achieve, then we might actually accomplish our dreams!

You Are a BadassThat is what led me to buy this book—You are a Badass.

Jen Sincero is real, authentic and tells it like it is in this quirky, motivational self-help. She gives me the exact words I’ve been looking for. Words like “So if you finally decide to quit your soul-crushing job and start the shop of your dreams…” Or, “growth ain’t for weenies, but it’s no where near as painful as living the life you’re living right now if you’re not really going for it. If you want to take control of your life and turn it into something as spectacularly ‘you’, stop at nothing.”

These are the words I need to hear. These are the words we all need to hear.

So, I added it to my July 2016 reading list.

I can’t wait to share what I find out! Stay tuned for more. I’ll give you the full run-down of what I learn…good, bad or indifferent.

Xo Meredith Davis

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